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Stock Weekly Round Up

So my first recommendation is to buy up Cheniere Energy (CQP). This stock is a great buy and hold; low volatility, stable, and large dividends. Perfect to invest in then sit back and watch those dividends roll in. Bonus it's a natural gas company so you will be strengthening our natural gas industry. Another to watch out for is Nikola (NKLA) this company was bought out by VectoIQ a shell company setup to basically purchase Nikola. Nikola is suppose to be an answer to Telsa and their dominance in electric self driving cars. There is A LOT of money behind this project so it's a good time to get into the ground floor of an emerging power. This stock will not stay as cheap as it is right now (under $36 a share) so I'd recommend buying it up when you have the chance. My next buy would be Proshares Ultrapro Russell 2000 ETF (URTY) not only does this ETF sport a nice dividend, but it has seen over 40% growth in just the last few weeks. The last three months it's grown near 50% it's already weathered some pretty rough waters so it's a great time to buy in and allow your money to work for you. If you just want to sit back and relax, this is a great stock for that. Last, but not least luxury stocks. These discounts will NOT last long and while there may be another dip in these stocks before 2020 is over within 2 to 3 years these will be recovering back to previous highs. So it's a great time to snatch these stocks while they are on the cheap. Carnival (CCL) $22.72 per share it's previous high was $53.86.

United Airlines (UAL) $45.45 per share previous high was $96.03.

Delta Airlines (DAL) $35.92 per share previous high was $63.44

American Airlines (AAL) $20.28 per share previous high was $34.99. American airlines is the only real risk on this list as there is some potential it may need further assistance as 2020 goes on. If you are risk adverse then I'd stay away from AAL. These stocks are a great time to buy now and later if they dip again. They will pull up as the world becomes more stable again in the next few years. As always Boeing is still a great buy even as high as it currently is per share $216.13, as it's last peak was $391.00. So if you got the cash also look into Boeing. Stay safe!

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