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So even with the world on fire...

There is still money that can be made and can be put to good use. I do firmly believe that millennials can single-handedly change the world if we had more money. Trust me I know that's hard to settle with, but the fact is money talks in America and if we want change...we have to be able to afford it. Good or bad.

So with that in mind a few things bitcoin is at a good time to buy. Yes, bitcoin is volatile like many stocks, but you only lose money if you pull out when the going is tough. Bitcoin will never lose all value it's impossible at this point. It would require everyone in the world to sell their bitcoins and no one to hold a single one for that happen. This will never happen as we have financial firms in the US that hoard millions of these. The US government is actually looking into ways to tax bitcoin like stocks. Like it or not, bitcoin is now a store of value. It will continue to be that way because we have MADE IT function that way. Between China and the US, bitcoin will not disappear. Now I suggest if you are investing for the first time to make sure you buy under 10k. Don't pull out until over 10k and you are in the money (meaning full profit no loss). If you don't have enough money to work with to buy even 1 bitcoin then another way you can invest is through robinhood. Yes, I know it's not perfect and your bitcoins are technically not owned by you, they are owned by Robinhood, the firm. That doesn't change the fact you can make money off of bitcoin using Robinhood (there is no reason for Robinhood to hold your money hostage or not pay you fair price they make money THROUGH your investments!). This is no different than using fractional shares. All fractional shares you buy from any firm such as Robinhood or M1 aren't owned by "you". Technically, the firm holds those too. So you have to cash out to transfer. Fractional shares have their cons, but they allow people without a lot of money to start making money quicker and with more freedom/ease. So if you have the spare money consider donating some to charity, put some in your own savings, and put some in bitcoin. The ebb and flow of bitcoin means you will make some money over time how much depends on your starting capital, but it's very common to see bitcoin grow 12-30%+ within a month. This pattern of crashes and high highs means a smart investor can make money with some consistency. If you are a panic type of investor who prefers conservative investments this will not be for you. If you can watch an asset lose $1,000s and not worry then this is the investment for you. I'm sure you can see the potential already for return. This week alone I've made $150 without any much effort. I won't be taking out the bulk of my return until August (the next big jump for bitcoin analysts) so I know I still have a lot more to go.

Stay safe!

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