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My Current Top Stocks List (Updated 5/28/2020)

Non-Dividend Stocks

  • AMD (market was in growth phase prior to coronavirus and is still doing well)

  • MRVL + (market was in growth phase prior to coronavirus and is still doing well)

  • GLUU (will see continued growth as mobile gaming market is still strong)

  • PLUG (coronavirus has set it back, but it's a fairly low risk market. This will be a stable under $10 buy)

Dividend Stocks

  • MCHP (Has seen growth since April. Fair value $109)

  • VZ (Fair Value $60 anything below is a good buy time)

  • F (otherwise known as Ford. A higher risk than other stocks of it's type, but very likely to make a solid return within 3 years)

  • ARLP (volatile stock, but has a high dividend return. Right now is at a very low point under $4 a share)

  • BA (Right now boeing is at a heck of a discount. There is also a small short term gain potential with high return potential within 5 years)

  • KO (Coke's fair value is around $55-56 so still quite a good buy even now)

  • GD (If you have money to spare this has a wide field for stability and continued growth. Fair value $190)

  • DIS (Disney is pretty much always a good buy, but right now is a particularly good time. Fair value $132. Nice value with not much risk)


  • JETS (will limp along in 2020, but expect higher returns after coronavirus is more under control. Great way to invest in all the airlines and it's industries at once)

  • UCO (2x futures ETF on oil. Short term potential is high. High potential for return in the long term future as well. This is a highly unstable ETF due to it being oil and a futures firm, keep that in mind if you panic sell not a good pick)


Note that ALL REITs are currently under performing due to the coronavirus situation. No short term potential. However, this means a chance for big growth in 2021 and beyond. These should be seen as higher risk investments with 2-4 year pay out time.

  • RVI

  • TWO

  • WPG (This is a high risk penny stock at this point, but considering it owns retail properties has more likelihood of weathering the coronavirus situation.)

+ Has dividend, but is minimal as to not be included in decision to purchase.

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