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Fighting back when you can't protest

Fighting back when you can't protest isn't the easiest or most exciting, but for many of us this maybe our only viable option. Honestly, I can't say that I knew how to do it a few years ago I was lost in a deep depression as my health was continuing to fail and no doctor could tell me why. So I have been researching and spending the last few years of my life trying to find ways to be involved in active change even when I can't do the typical activism. It became apparent to me that it would have to be through time and money spent. I gotta be honest I wasn't sure how it'd work because we weren't very wealthy and my time is always more limited than I would like. I worked on learning to accept and work with my illness rather than trying to push through. That gave me an increased amount of time and patience with that I started to read everything I could get my hands on about generating wealth and productivity. That's a lot of what this blog is about; taking everything I've learned, putting it to work, and then sharing that with my readers.

The world is on fire and the only way forward is by taking this fight to our enemies directly. If we are to defeat politicians and the ruling class then we have to play the game. We can't opt out of capitalism instead we have to transform capitalism into something different, something that works for us all. We can't just do it either, but we have to succeed which means we need *more* of us at higher levels. The progressive infrastructure just isn't there. We know why, we are all in various levels of poverty, none of us have the money which means there is no free time. So we need to build this group up of people who want change and are dedicated to it. That's not going to be with the ruling class we currently have. We need people with our sense of morals, values, and frankly decency.

The only way I can see that being possible is by finding a path forward and pulling each other out of poverty. We must start putting our money where our mouth is so to speak. That had to start with me I had to live up to my own standards if I wanted to be able to sprout that message. So while I'm not rich yet and my wealth is hardly vast I have gotten a taste of what success can do to radically change someone's life. My investments and bitcoin are funding my business ventures, my blog, and my work in progress novel. Things I never thought I'd be able to do. I want to take what I have learned and in the future what I am learning to help others. So buckle up because we are going to set our destination towards success and failure is not an option. WE CAN DO IT and WE MUST! We need to UNITE against the ruling class. We must support each other at ALL levels. The success we gain must go back to our communities. We must focus our efforts on being a foundation for our black and brown communities. Together we can create a daisy chain of social mobility that the ruling class won't be able to destroy. We will make the American Dream come true even if we have to drag their bloody bodies behind us.

Stay tuned for a series of incoming blog posts detailing some of my plans and steps I took to become more financially independent. I only started with a few bucks so it won't be any of that bullshit "if you have 10k to invest" this will be real talk for real people.

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